Saturday, 23 June 2018

Summer Festivals of India

Summer Festivals of India: A sneak peek into the famous summer festivals of India that you are most likely to rejoice! Here's our list of the top six festivities of the incredible nation!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Salient Luxury Hotels of India

India is a country that has recently become quite an important destination for those who look forward to having an imperial experience. There are many who flock to India in quest of nonpareil luxury, matching the eminence of the Maharaja’s. With the Increase in its tourism, the nation is known to have some of the best structures of opulence. Be it services, interiors or the cuisine, the unparalleled splendor of these hotels has been captivating the visitors, from far and wide.
Today we bring to you some of the best luxury hotels in India that are considered to be the epitome of excellence!
1.      The Imperial, New Delhi

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Previously called as the Queensway, the Imperial is situated close to Connaught Place in New Delhi. It is a five star property with an awe inspiring heritage knitted in colonial elegance. With all the amenities for an exquisite stay, the hotel is known for its rich heritage and legacy. Moreover, it is in close proximity to the major attractions of the city that makes it even more covetable amidst the guests.

2.      The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

The Oberoi Amarvilas enjoys an unparalleled stature when it comes to the luxurious hotels in Agra. Sprawled out magnificently on landscaped grounds, the Oberoi is in close vicinity of the iconic Taj and proudly boasts of uninterrupted views of this ancient monument. Having received much adulation from one and all, the layout and the design of the hotel is inspired to a great extent by the Mughal Splendor.

3.      Taj Rambagh, Jaipur

The erstwhile abode of the Maharaja of Jaipur, the Rambagh Palace has now been converted into a grand hotel that vaunts its peerless luxury. With its unmatched splendor, ostentatious latticework, sandstone balustrades, cupolas (chattris) and extended Mughal Gardens, the Taj in Jaipur is undoubtedly a palatial residence for those, in pursuit of a luxurious sojourn.

4.      Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

One of the legendary luxury hotels in India belonging to the Taj Group  overlooks the Arabian Sea and the magnific gateway of India in Mumbai. Acknowledged as the world leader in hospitality, the hotel has been an abode to several kings and other personalities of influence. Situated at a prime location, in the heart of the city, the hotel is in close propinquity to the city’s financial hub, parliament, offices and shopping districts.

5.      Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

A magnanimous reminiscence of the Rajasthan’s heritage and the once residence of the royal family of Jodhpur, the Umaid Bhawan is named after the former Maharaja-Umaid Singh. Situated high above the city, the hotel offers exotic views to captivate your mind and soul. Providing an excellent blend of Eastern and the Western architecture, this opulent property is recognized as the best hotels in Jodhpur, illustrious of exceptional art work and luxury, second to none.

6.      Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad

Elevated high above the city of Hyderabad, The Falaknuma Palace is the former residence of the Nizam who was once known to be the richest man in the world. This five star property has an intricate blend of colonial and Indian Architect that makes it one of the best sublime structures, exuding romance and grandeur of the bygone era.

7.      Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Known to be the most romantic hotel and one of the best luxury hotels in India, the Taj Lake Palace enjoys an unprecedented eminence, across the entire world.  Formerly known as the Jag Niwas- built as the pleasure palace of the erstwhile Maharaja Jagat Singh II, the taj is an inimitable beauty and one of the most magnificent hotels in India providing guided heritage walks, astrology sessions and cultural shows to make the most of your luxuriant stay.

Which of the palatial properties above has enticed you from within? Let us know in the comments section below.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Stunning Festivals of Rajasthan

The rich and varied heritage, culture and scenic splendors of Rajasthan have been fascinating the world since long. The scintillating lakes, vibrant markets and the magnificent forts and palaces of the state, have since a coon’s age intrigued the populace, far and wide. Undeniably, the majestic state has never failed to impress the visitors and has till date managed to keep their interests intact.
Not only the sublime structures but the colorful and traditional festivals of Rajasthan have equally hypnotized the world with its unremitting charismatic appeal. Here, let’s have a look at some of the stunning festivals of the state, you must experience at least once in a while!
1.      Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur

An annual music and art festival celebrated around Sharad Purnima, the Rajasthan International Folk Festival is a treat for the art and music lovers. With the aim to promote the traditional forms of art and music, the celebration is witnessed by more than 200 musicians from all over the world.

2.      World Sufi Spirit Festival, Jodhpur

One of the most tranquilizing festivals, the World Sufi Festival of Rajasthan brings together myriads of amazing artists on one common platform, from all across the nation. It gives an immense pleasure to not only watch them perform but you can also sit and chat with them along with savoring some of the best mouth-watering delicacies.

3.      Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

A three days cultural carnival celebrated amidst the sand dunes of the Thar, the desert festival is a must watch in case you wish to immerse into the essence of Rajasthani folk culture. The culture is exhibited through dance, music, camel races and other sports that are an absolute delight to the eyes. When in Jaisalmer, do not miss out the spectacular desert festival of Rajasthan

4.      Camel Festival, Bikaner

Camel milking, races, camel acrobats, the parading of beautiful animals and even beauty pageants; Doesn’t it all sound enticing? The Camel Festival in Bikaner involves all this, along with some other spectacular views including the Rajasthani traditional dance performances. Frequented by tourists from here and there, the camel festival guarantees an enthralling experience of a lifetime!

5.      Gangaur

The Gangaur festival is observed with much fervor and devotion by the ladies of the state. The festival is all about honoring Goddess Gauri, who is considered to be an epitome of purity and austerity. The rituals continue for 18 days, during which the ladies, all clad up in their best clothes and jewelry pray for the welfare and long life of their husbands. One of the most vibrant and important festivities of Rajasthan, Gangaur is sure to entice your senses!

6.      Literature Festival, Jaipur

Known to be the world’s largest literary festival, the Jaipur Literary festival welcomes the reputed and the aspiring writers for a five-day fiesta at the Diggi Palace in Jaipur. It is a great platform for those who wish to gain knowledge and share ideas with people, all across the globe.

Planning a visit to India? If yes, make sure to witness the vibrancy and the ceaseless bewitchery of these festivals.  

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Thanks to the burgeoning foreign tourist arrivals, the travel and tourism sector in India has witnessed an unprecedented growth over the last many years. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the tourism industry had generated about 9.4% of the nation’s GDP in the year 2017 and financed nearly 8% of its population. Keeping the flourishing statistical records in mind, the tourism industry in India is still believed to augment by leaps and bounds in the years to come. As the number of tourists from all around the world continues to proliferate, there has been a sudden boost in the number of amenities and the amount of luxuries provided by the hotel groups in the country.
Following the trend, the Accor Hotels along with the Muthoot Pappachan Group has opened the first International hotel in Kakkanad, Kochi: the industrial and commercial capital of Kerala. Known as the Novotel Kochi Infopark, the hotel spares no efforts to add to the elegance and appeal of the city which is popularly called as the Queen of Arabian Sea, offering some of the most exquisite splendors of the country. Located in the IT Hub of Infopark, Kakkanad, the hotel is in close proximity to prominent companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, IBS, Earnst & Young, Cognizant, KPMG, Xerox, Fingent and the World Trade Center, Kochi.
Highlights of the Novotel Kochi Infopark:
Here, we bring to you, the details that you ought to know about this sublime structure, of International measure: 
Ø  It is a quintessential base for business travelers, from all over the map.
Ø  The distance from the Cochin International Airport is around 25 kms which is approximately a 40 minutes drive.
Ø  The distance between the hotel and the Ernakulum Railway Station calls for more or less a 30 minutes drive.
Ø  There are 128 rooms inclusive of eight suites, equipped with all the facilities for style and comfort.
Ø  Other major attractions of the hotel includes, restaurant & a lounge bar, infinity pool, fitness center, childcare, free parking facilities, meeting rooms, spa, computer system, laundry services, conference spaces, multilingual personnel and free use of WiFi, all over the premises.
Ø  The restaurant of the hotel, called, The Square, provides sumptuous delicacies to arouse your taste buds. 
Ø  The magnificent interiors are designed in a way to bowl you over, again and again! Without fail, you’ll say Quelle beaute’!
Ø   The Hotel’s Sun Deck Lounge is the perfect place to relax by the pool.
Ø  Friendly staff that helps to customize experiences for you!
What’s around?
For centuries, Kochi has been a home to several merchants and tourists, who have all left their imprints and legacies behind. Out of the many attractions that the city has to offer, the ones that you can look around are:
Ø  Hill Palace in the area
Ø  Lulu Mall in the area
Ø  Jawaharlal Nehru International stadium in the area
Ø  Centre Square Mall in the area
Ø  Durbar Hall Art Gallery in the region
Ø  Bolgatty Palace in the region
Ø  Kerala Forklore Museum in the region
Ø  Mattancherry Synagogue in the region
Ø  Mattancherry Palace in the region

 Aimed at providing the best to its customers, Novotel Kochi Infopark is the first Novotel hotel in Kochi. With copious recreational facilities, the brand has been gaining immense popularity amidst its customers. 

Monday, 11 September 2017

Insomnia-A guide to sleeplessness

Sleeplessness or Insomniaas we may call it is defined by an individual’s report of difficulty with sleep. It is a positive response to the question” Do you experience difficulty sleeping?” Thus, lacking a peaceful sleep despite of adequate opportunity and circumstances to sleep, frequent awakenings or prolonged periods of wakefulness during the sleep period are considered to be the evidence of this medical disorder. Most people encounter sleep difficulties from time to time, often related to stress or pain. Many of these get better without treatment. Unfortunately, in a significant proportion of population, sleep problems turn into Insomnia.
The percentage of people suffering from insomnia is quite large. Especially the young generation can be seen as a prey to it. The causes can be many, as explained by Dr. Ramesh Arora, a private practitioner. According to him, insomnia symptoms may occur in teenagers in conjunction with any number of physical, psychological or environmental behavior. This can be anything like
  • ·         Poor Habits
  • ·         Poor Diet
  • ·         Significant life stress
  • ·         Emotional or physical discomfort
  • ·         Depression
  • ·         Anxiety
  • ·         Excessive use of cell phones and laptops at the time of sleep

This all hampers a good night sleep. Not only this, frequent sleepless nights may typically be followed by daytime sleepiness, low energy levels, irritability, aggressiveness, severe moodiness, lack of concentration, clumsiness and even loss of appetite. An evaluation including a physical exam, a medical history and a sleep history is suggested to people who think they are suffering from insomnia. It is not a non curable disorder. In fact, insomnia can be cured with simple changes in your day to day lifestyle, if it’s not chronic. Prolonged insomnia or chronic, as you may call it includes first treating any underlying health problems that are acting as a root cause. It is important therefore, to undertake a full investigation of what could be contributing to insomnia before suggesting or undertaking a specific treatment. Techniques for chronic insomnia may involve relaxation exercises, sleep restriction therapy and reconditioning.


Yoga and physical exercises are the best to have a good night sleep” says Dr. S.D Singh, Assistant Professor at State National Homeopathic Medical Centre. According to him, a healthy routine can bring a lot changes in people suffering from sleeplessness. Insomniacs can be helped by practicing good ‘sleep hygiene’ which includes paying attention to the effects on sleep of environmental factors such as noise, light and temperature. The other suggestive measures may include:
  • Setting up fixed times for going to bed and waking up. This helps the body to get used to falling asleep at fixed hours.Don’t take your worries to bed as anxiety and stress are considered to be the major factors guiding insomnia.
  • Avoid napping during the day. If your drowsiness is caused by insufficient sleep, brief naps of 10 minutes or so will most likely be refreshing, but longer siestas may impair your night time sleep.
  • Cut down on your intake of caffeinated beverages, nicotine and alcohol.
  • Avoid eating heavy, spicy or sugary meals at night. Instead, go for light food. Not only this, keep a check on the quality and quantity of food that you intake during the entire day. Poor dietary habits may also result into insomnia.
  • Avoid watching or checking the clock throughout the night.
  • Engage yourself in some physical exercise daily. But not too close to bedtime. According to a study, exercising daily can reduce the time to fall asleep and increase the length of sleep of people suffering with insomnia.
  • Use comfortable bedding. Uncomfortable bedding may prevent a good sleep.
  • Block out all the distracting noises while you sleep and eliminate as much light as possible.
  • Remove television from your room. Most people tend to fall asleep with the television on in their room which is rather a bad idea.
  • Cut short the use of cell phones and laptops during the night hours. Those who regularly use their smart phone or computer late at night are particularly susceptible to mental health problems that often result into sleep deprivation, researchers claim.
Remember: Even minimal sleep loss can have profound effects on all aspects of our lives and Insomnia is a problem that is affecting the masses today, irrespective of their age, at some point in their lives.  As our concentration diminishes and our ability to perform tasks declines, our true productivity shrinks. When we lose sleep, we also put ourselves and those around us at high risks for accidents. Insomnia is curable if diagnosed and treated properly. All you need is to take note of your body changes and symptoms to live a healthy, sleeplessness free life!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kausani-The Visitor's Paradise!

Kausani- A beautiful hill station and Village situated in the hearts of Uttrakhand, which is approximately 116 kms from Nainital, has a lot to offer in terms of scenic splendour.  Also known as the ‘Switzerland of India’, this place is a must watch for nature’s beauty lovers. Along with experiencing spectacular panoramic views of the Himalayan Peaks, one can also get to see the exquisite sun rise as the sun emerges from behind the Panchchuli peaks of Kumayun Himalayan Range, providing the most exotic views of a lifetime! The glory of the snow crowned Himalayan Range reaches its pinnacle when the sun rays turn them to gold during the mornings and red orange sky at the sunset. With some really exquisite views, Kausani has a lot to offer to the bag packers in terms of its Scenic charms, the major attractions being the Rudradhari Falls and Caves, Anasakti Ashram, Tea Estate, Baijnath Temple and the Lakshmi Ashram. One can also chose to enjoy the place at a Resort away from the city life with delicious local homemade food prepared by the residents of Kumaon.

The Best time to visit this exotic place is between March to May when the weather is pleasant enough for a sightseeing tour and outdoor activities. It is also the ideal time to explore the natural beauty of the place. What else could one ask for when the Visitor’s Paradise in India is still left to be explored!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Her Last Wish...

That night, as I sat holding her hands in the massive room of a place, I never wanted to visit, with the only sound of the ceiling fan creaking above me, I felt something wet trickle down my eyes. Finding no escapade from the ill fate that had doomed over us, I closed my eyes to allow my emotions to rescue. They were once very precious for the one lying next to me, all unconscious. But now, since I had no wish to hold them back, I let them free to dribble from my red, swollen eyes.
Why on Earth did I ask her to take an Auto that day? Why wasn’t I there to pick her up as usual?” I blamed myself for not being there for her when she told me she wasn’t in a good mood. It was easy to blame but it was hard to believe. Though I have a trillion times told her that I don’t need her in my life, but the underlying truth that I failed to mention was that without her, my life has always been incomplete. She gave me a reason to smile. But she would succumb to the first remark so easily, I never knew.
Mr. Desai. It’s very late. You can go and have some sleep. We will take care of your wife.” Suddenly a comforting voice perturbed my thoughts. I looked back and found an old nurse, standing right behind.
Thank you Sister. But I guess, we both require each other right now than anyone else.” I managed to fumble.
It’s okay if you say so. But you seem too drained out. I suggest you go and have some rest, while we stay here.” The nurse offered.
Rest? That is what I have been doing that day”. I remembered as I wiped my eyes, still holding on to her lifeless hands.
“No, thank you. I would like to stay behind.” I replied and watched as the nurse left, closing the door behind her. The silence in the room once again killed me from within. It had never been like this with my wife around. She had always been the backbone of my life but unfortunately, I had been too late to tell her all this. It had been ages since I told her that I loved her. Her cold, inert body lay there, right next to me and I could feel the pain that she went through when I stopped talking to her. She told me I was her life. I failed to tell her. I looked at her face, which was once full of love and life. The love still seemed intact but there was no trace of life.
It was 12 midnight when I dozed off, thinking about all the times that we shared. Her hands, held on to mine and my fingers clasping in between the fingers of her soft hands. Few years back, I had promised to take care of her while tying the auspicious knots. A little while later, a soft knock on the door woke me up. It was 4 am. My girl was shivering, like a trembling leaf she was holding me tight. I froze for a second and rushed to call for the doctor on the instructions of the staff nurse who had by then come up for a routine check up. All I could hear was a frantic QUICK.
It took quite a while to locate a doctor on duty. Room No. 402. I rushed in through the door behaving like a maniac. I begged the doctor to save her. There were still so many things left unsaid. I couldn’t just let her go like this. I badly wanted to tell her that I loved her, in spite of all the trivial fights between us. I wanted to tickle her once and see her laughing. I wanted to whisper “You are mad” in her ears and watch her whimpering. I so badly wanted to tell her that I am Incomplete without her. I don’t know how to manage my wardrobe without her. I don’t know how to clean up the room without her. I forget my wallet and socks every day, if she isn’t there around to tell me. In all these years of our marriage, I had learnt to be dependent on her. I had learnt to be a sensible chap. I had learned to love her. What I haven’t learned was to live life without her and I wanted to tell her all this. It was muteness that enwrapped me as I watched the doctors trying their best to provide her with the last breath. They pumped her chest to bring back life in a body that was making its way to heaven abode. I sat on my knees as her eyes turned towards me. I had never felt so helpless before. I was watching her leave. If only I could. I rushed to her and clenched her hands. They felt like ice. I frantically kissed her, begging her all the mercy for that day until I found people dragging me away. Away from her. Away from my life which was lifeless now. Her eyes still smiled at me. There was nothing left of her or in her. The people, they tried to calm me down as I watched rooted, her body being covered in white.
Mr. Desai. Please control.” I heard the people say as I rushed to hug her. “I am sorry. Please come back. Please come back”
Take him outside. We need to move the corpse.” The doctors said.
No. She isn’t a corpse. She is still alive. She is there with me and she will be coming back for me. My wardrobe is all messed up, you know. She knows I can’t do it alone. She knows it.” Was the only thing that I could manage to fumble.
As tears rolled down my cheeks, I remembered her last words, the thing that she said to me just before rushing her to the hospital “Don’t ever cry if I am not there, you know I can’t see tears in your eyes”.
You promised you won’t leave me alone. You broke it” I murmured, wiping off the trickling drops on my cheeks. “ But I will keep your words. No more will I cry but you forgot to teach me life without you.” The series of events on that fatal day flashed before me. A Monday morning, rush on road, I denied to pick her up and she went hiring an Auto, the accident, the frantic phone call..................and Her last wish.